Financial Legacy & Retirement

Financial Legacy and Retirement is pretty much the final stage of your wealth journey. The exciting part, where you finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You may be looking to retire in the near future or you may be retired.


Clients that work with us in this stage of life are also often focused around leaving a financial legacy to their loved ones. Our advisers help you define what this stage of life looks like for you, so you can be certain around your wealth longevity and most importantly, your lifestyle. This looks a little bit different for everyone.

Our Services Include

  • Cash flow and debt management/strategies
  • Wealth Accumulation via investments and/or superannuation
  • Tax planning and minimization
  • Property portfolios and structuring
  • Retirement planning including maximization of ultimate position and longevity of funds
  • Wealth protection and contingency planning via personal insurance
  • Estate planning including inter-generational wealth, tax considerations and legacy wishes
  • Multi-entity advice for more complex situations including companies, trusts and SMSFs
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