Our Philosophy

Investment and Portfolio Management

We believe that a proactive approach to wealth management leads to stronger financial outcomes. We want your money to work harder for you, meaning you have to work less hard for it and can spend more time focusing on the things you enjoy in life.

We work with you to find the right investment solutions for you by adapting the following philosophy:

  • Investment markets cannot be controlled – we can only control how you are exposed to them and how we respond to them.
  • We take time to understand your personal comfort and experience levels, in conjunction with your specific financial goals and needs.
  • Financial markets are complex, we like to keep it simple and empower you!
  • Positive income generation is key in creating financial freedom.
  • Financial products are an investment vehicle to get you from A to B, the underlying investment and financial strategy is what needs to do the leg work.

Wealth Protection

At Diamond Partners we believe that any strong financial plan also includes a robust plan for when something goes wrong, a Plan B. Protecting your wealth via personal insurance is something that should always be considered when working actively to grow wealth – your family and ability to earn an income are arguably your most valuable assets.

We work with you to tailor individual/business wealth protection solutions which adapt the following philosophy:

  • Loved ones and personal financial goals are always considered in establishing your wealth protection plan.
  • Personal insurance is an appropriate ‘Plan B’. It is not the pivotal point of financial advice.
  • Just like we do not want our clients to be under-insured, there is also no value in being over-insured.
  • Cost is a factor. Premiums need to be practical, valuable and sustainable over the life of any policy taken out.
  • Personal insurance should be reviewed regularly, to ensure this element of a financial plan remains updated and relevant.
  • Time and care is taken when establishing appropriate personal insurance – the effort put in at the beginning, ensures a successful outcome in the event of claim.
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